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So here I am. phew! A column called "Love, Anja" somehow sounds like everything and nothing. Which is good at first, because it opens up a whole cornucopia of possibilities. I can now write what I want and how I want, because 1. I don't have an editor-in-chief (I'm myself), no editor-in-chief (me too) and no CvD (you can guess... ;-)) and 2. sets a personal column with such a name hardly limits thematically. Still, it has to be reasonably consistent from the context. It's a bit like having a fabulous designer wrap and botox. Both are basically not bad, but if it doesn't suit you or simply doesn't fit, it still looks shitty. And yes, I know what I'm talking about, but more on that later.

In any case, the content of the column must therefore have topics that I feel comfortable with and that I consider so interesting, entertaining and/or relevant that I want to write about them, but which at the same time also fit here. That's why a lot of things will always have some form of connection to fashion, style and sustainability and more to "parting from shoes" than "parting from men", although the latter gives more material than the former in case of doubt. Either way, I hope that over time I'll develop a good sense of what has column potential and what doesn't. I'm also interested in your opinion. So if you have any topics that you think need to be dealt with here urgently or if you just want to give feedback, you are welcome to do so at the following email address: kolumne@styledefinery.com .

So what does Botox have to do with Gucci and Co.? Not that much at first glance, but when you take a closer look, quite a lot.

In the end, it's all about the fact that we all always want to look as good as possible. And if Britta from the tennis club suddenly looks much fresher than usual, although she has neither a new boyfriend nor was she on vacation, there may well be a cosmetic measure behind it. If Britta is then so friendly and frankly admits that she asked for a little help, the likelihood that you would want to try the whole thing is even higher. It's just stupid if your face slips afterwards or you feel completely alien with the paralyzed facial expressions. It's similar to a designer dress that looks casual and cool on your best friend, but is somehow too bold and intrusive on you. It just has to fit – both in terms of size and style. I've been having a one-sided drooping eyelid lifted with Botox for a few years now and I admit that I have no objections to the associated side effect (goodbye frown lines). Nevertheless, it was a long way to the right dose. The first few times after the treatment I just felt awful, like I was in disguise. More than once I decided that this was really the very last time and that my one droopy eyelid would probably only be noticeable to me anyway. Ultimately, however, vanity always triumphed and fortunately I have now found a doctor who knows my face and knows that less is more in my case. Because I would never let my many laugh lines or my ability to frown critically be paralysed. I just want to look like myself, just without a one-sided droopy eyelid. That doesn't suit me any more than a jogging suit from Louis Vuitton or a boucle suit from Chanel. But it can look great on others. In this sense...

Have a nice week

LOVE, Anya

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Love, Anya


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