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One of my all-time favorite perfumes is "Devastatingly Chic" by Diana Vreeland. I bought it years ago when I moved out of the big city, in order to counteract the loss of chic, at least olfactorily. It is like this: I now live more in the country, so most residents react suspiciously if you walk around too chic or stylish.

Illustration: Anneke van der Most

Secondly, regardless of where I live, there were far too few opportunities to show those around me the almost inexhaustible possibilities of my wardrobe before the opening of the Style Definery. In the morning I always looked at the posts of the Instagram fashion bloggers I follow and thought to myself: “I want that too”!

While I was spraying myself with Diana Vreeland, I imagined throwing myself into high heels, cool jeans and a floral bomber jacket, putting on the Gucci Dionysus bag and leaving the house as a fashion icon. But no! Life wasn't meant to be like that for me, at least for a long time.

But everything is different now.

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