My first book

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"Don't judge a book by it's cover."

- how true! Because in that case nobody would know that my name is not on the title, but I wrote it anyway.

Anyone who still knows my old blog "Frenzy-Girl" ( knows that I've been dreaming of my own book for a long time, but I'm doing it unbelievably standing in my own way. Tragically, the fear of failure is greater than the desire itself. Thankfully, however, I had the opportunity to work on this beautiful cookbook in the summer of 2015, which is why my name is now linked to a book – if only in the small print. But small animals are known to mess up, so that's a nice start.

In all likelihood I won't be one of the book authors in the next few months either, but I'll stay true to the subject of "cooking". I sometimes whine that Corona is making itself felt in my stomach and hip region in particular, but to be fair, of course, you can't blame the pandemic for everything. I just love to cook and eat for that.

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