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from now on every Monday for the first coffee ☕️

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A few days ago, on the occasion of one of the many check-ups that go hand in hand with aging, I finally sat in what was probably the most fabulous waiting room of all time after a long time. Normally I'm rather impatient and waiting is really not one of my strengths, but I could spend days in said waiting room. It's large, bright, beautifully furnished, with a Nespresso machine and a refrigerator that houses mineral water at a pleasant temperature - and a magazine wall about three meters long that could rival any RELAY kiosk in the airport. There really isn't anything that doesn't exist. I usually grab at least five magazines each time, which I frantically read through one after the other because I don't know how much time I have before it's my turn and I'm asked to take the PAP test. Basically, this tactic is completely nonsensical, because I can't really delve into any topic and accordingly don't remember anything afterwards that I "read". For something to stick in the long term, it takes a little more time. It's a bit like fast fashion vs. slow fashion. The more times and longer we wear an item of clothing before swapping it out for something new, the better.

So I decided to do things a little differently this time and just pulled one magazine out of the rack and one I had never heard of - STRIVE magazine, which advertises with the slogan: “For everyone who Rethink the economy”. I immediately felt addressed, because unfortunately I don't understand that much about classic business. If I were a pro at this, I probably wouldn't have embarked on the ecommerce adventure, but that's another story. In any case, I deliberately turned page after page and was so impressed that I accidentally took the current issue with me.

However, I only noticed this mistake when I got home and by then it was too late. I was actually going to bring the magazine back the next day, but then a really nasty, nasty cold hit me, which has had a grip on me for over a week now. I feel miserable, my throat hurts, my nose is running, my head is pounding and the whole thing reminds me uncomfortably of my violent flirtation with Corona last summer, even if this time it's just a banal cold. In this state, I still find it difficult to work, which is rather unfavorable in my situation as an independent “one-woman show”. I do take time off from time to time and regularly say goodbye to Andalusia for a month in the summer, but of course I also work there - with high demands on myself. In this context, one of the current STRIVE topics particularly laughed at me : “Perfectionism - can we learn to be pragmatic?” Among other things, you could read how important it is to get feedback from your own body and to be aware of warning signals. That's really nothing new, but someone like me, who didn't take two severe herniated discs as an exaggerated hint with the fence post, you have to tell everything ten times.

So I've decided to actually take a pragmatic approach to my full-blown summer cold and prioritize it. As much as I love my new little column, the world doesn't end if it just appears a day later due to current brain fogs. Instead of rosé, Wick MediNait, Nasivin and cough syrup are on the cocktail menu this week, plus there is enough sleep and mental time-out. And "LOVE, Anja" comes comfortably out of bed and not from the desk.

Have a wonderful week.

LOVE, Anya

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Love, Anya


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