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When I recently talked at dinner about what I do for a living and the challenge it still is to get the women of my generation excited about second-hand, my neighbor at the table nodded and said that she would never wear anything used either. She just thought that was a funny thought. Since I'm not one who claims to convert people in any way, I just smiled and didn't say anything. Secretly, however, I thought to myself that the fact that she is now her husband's third wife speaks a completely different language. Undoubtedly, a man in his mid-60s who has been married twice has more wear and tear than a dry-cleaned pre-owned Gucci blouse. And a second-hand bag from Hermès or Chanel may eventually be a little bit scuffed at the corners, but in case of doubt it is still more durable than the average German marriage. I know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, my ex-husband and I also came to a point where we had to admit that we are simply too different and that our ideas of what is really important to us in life in order to be happy are too far apart. Instead of staying together 'till death do us part, a vile magistrate's court took on the job.

After all, we were able to look back on twelve and a half years spent together after our separation, but I still have a lot of clothes that have lasted longer than the holy covenant we made in September 2004. My first Gucci bag, which I gave myself as a present for the birth of my eldest daughter in 1998, is still beautiful today and absolutely wearable. Although it has a few stains on the inner lining, it is otherwise in perfect condition and an absolute eye-catcher. The bag has been with me longer than any man I've ever been with - and if that's not a mark of quality then I really don't know. Of course I don't want to compare men with handbags or cashmere sweaters, but it's still a nice thought that there are things that are simply "forever". Apparently, you can tell by looking at me that I'm prone to such promises. Today a beach vendor swooped past my lounger promoting straw hats. I actually have more than enough of those, but when he handed me one to look at with the words “They have a lifelong guarantee”, I was immediately inclined to believe him, bought it and am now the proud owner of a slouch hat for 15 euros , who will hopefully accompany me to the retirement home.

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LOVE, Anya

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Love, Anya


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