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There's nothing like a cultivated soliloquy. You can chat with yourself so wonderfully about things that are going through your head without being constantly interrupted or having to explain or justify yourself for all the many thoughts and questions that you think and ask. Actually, I talk to myself all the time – of course not out loud on the street or when I have visitors – but, for example, in the morning in front of the mirror. Sometimes I pretend to be a totally hip influencer who gives her many followers makeup tips while nonchalantly chatting about her super cool and successful start-up.

However, the whole thing has a crucial catch: First of all, no one cares if and how I put on my make-up or why I seem to be the only woman in the world who hasn't mastered the art of contouring. And secondly, there is still a world of difference between the terms “my start-up” and “super successful”, at least for the time being. I have chosen an industry that has a lot of potential for the future. But building your own business in this market segment and being successful online in particular means a lot more (educational) work than I could ever have imagined and there are moments when I would like to throw everything in the corner.

Then I reminisce about my time as a (television) journalist and until recently I sent wishes to the universe several times a month to please send me an opportunity to write more again.

Recently, however, it struck me like scales from my eyes: What do I need the universe for when I have my own website? I can promote myself to editor-in-chief in a completely unbureaucratic manner and in this context I can also give myself my own column in which I will write weekly from now on about everything that goes through my head and what, at least in the broadest sense, has to do with the topic of fashion has to do. The style definery and all the people who are connected to it are just like my private thoughts and stories a source of unlimited possibilities. The idea of ​​going back to what I've always enjoyed so much after all this time - telling stories that life writes - and connecting that to what I've built over the past three and a half years is fulfilling me with the greatest joy.

Because it doesn't have to be the super successful Instagram account as a fashion influencer - there are far too many of them anyway and I'm actually too lazy for that. Instead, I envision this column as something to entertain, inspire, and take a more or less humorous look at life as a mid-fifties entrepreneur. What speaks against pursuing some of the many questions that life throws at you every day and occasionally encountering answers that you might not have expected at all? Nothing speaks against it, quite the opposite! I'm looking forward to it - and I hope you are too.

Have a nice week

LOVE, Anya

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Love, Anya


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