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I already hinted at it in my last column: For me, the signs point to separation. Fortunately, not from a man, but from a large part of my household - and that is also quite a painful matter, at least with some things that have grown so dear to me over the years that I find it difficult to imagine life without them can. One of them, for example, is my Miele laundry ironer, which has been by my side for over a decade now and to which I have many beautiful moments to thank. I am completely serious. I don't know how many times in the evening I sat in my laundry room, where a beautiful lamp provided cozy light, Madeleine Peroux sang "Dance me to the end of love" and I was missing everything I could get my hands on, from an armpit shirt to a stocking cap got. Lack makes you happy, at least for me. It is a quiet, gentle activity that almost always ends with a sense of achievement and that always smells the same as it did when I was a child and drifted through life carefree. When I'm feeling down or just need a distraction from everyday worries, I throw on the mangle, straighten pillowcases, tea towels and even my son's underpants and two baskets full of laundry later I feel like a mountaineer at the summit - good, content and at peace with the world.

But now I'm moving out of the house in which I lived with my children for so many years and am drastically downsizing in terms of my living space and storage space. There is so much that I won't be able to take with me: all the tons of dishes, cutlery and pots, my bread slicer and my juicer, my ice cream maker and a never-used slow cooker, all the furniture, clothes, books, CDs, DVDs, Not to mention photos, cosmetics and old toys, table tennis tables and garden furniture. I'm currently in a mood like a typical mattress warehouse at a busy intersection: (Almost) everything has to go! But okay, I can manage that.

Given my background as a sustainability professional, I know how to reduce my possessions without throwing away more than necessary. My most beautiful designer items that no longer fit either in terms of size or in terms of lifestyle, of course go to the Style Definery and have their own small “private sale” department there in the fall. I offer the items of clothing that are not suitable for this at both analogue and digital flea markets or give them away. Luckily, there is Ebay for everything else. I'll have to learn a bit at first, but with a little practice I'll hopefully become an eBay master by the end of the year. It's just my lack that gives me a serious headache. There's no room for it in my apartment, no matter how many times I measure it, but the idea of ​​giving it away actually makes me sad. That's why I was in the basement for an hour every day from Thursday to Sunday, washing and ironing like a crazy person. At the moment there isn't a piece of fabric in my old house that isn't as smooth as a newborn's bottom. But that doesn't change the fact that we have to say goodbye to each other.

So what a happy coincidence that while sorting out and arranging my possessions in the basement over the weekend, I came across some of them badly Objects made of silver came across. Perfect for the home department of Style Definery, but of course only in first-class condition. And so, without thinking about it or even planning it, I created a new household ritual that can be carried out in even the smallest hut: cleaning silver. Because even if I don't keep most of my silver bowls, candlesticks or my champagne cooler, I will always have my egg cups or my wedding silver. I can clean this whenever I feel like it and think about my needs, which will hopefully find a loving new home along with all the many beautiful things we sell every day at the Sale Definery.

Have a wonderful week.

LOVE, Anja

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