Sell ​​your designer pieces stress-free and conveniently at Style Definery

Are you looking for a simple and reputable platform to sell your luxurious designer pieces? Then Style Definery is exactly the right place for you. As experts in selling high-quality second-hand designer goods, we not only offer you a stress-free online experience, but also the opportunity to use our services in our brick-and-mortar showroom .

Selling designer items doesn't have to be complicated. At Style Definery we take the stress away from you and make the selling process as pleasant as possible . You can sit back, relax and watch your fashion items turn into cash.

Our team takes the time to thoroughly inspect each of your fashion items. Thanks to our detailed comparison research on common luxury fashion platforms, we can offer you a realistic and market-driven price estimate.

We work with professional photographers who put each piece in the right light. This way, each of your fashion items gets the attention it deserves and stands out from the crowd of online designer boutiques .


Our drop-off service is also available to you at the following times in our showroom at Liebigstraße 23 without prior appointment:

Thursday and Friday
11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

We are happy to be there for you at other times by arrangement.

If you live in Frankfurt and have large quantities of clothing, bags or shoes to sell,
Of course we can also come to your home.

For this service, please make an appointment by email
by phone at
+49 - 173 - 68 19 102

General Provisions

Basically, we only accept clothing, bags, shoes and accessories that are in very good condition and show little or no signs of wear . Exceptions are real vintage items, which should be in a well-kept condition according to their age. We do not accept dirty or damaged goods. Shoes should be like new.
If you have invoices or certificates of authenticity for your items, please bring them with you, as well as the appropriate dust bags for shoes and bags and other original packaging . If we suspect an item may be counterfeit or if we have any doubts about the authenticity of the item, we will not accept the goods.
Your items will be offered for sale both stationary and in our online shop .


If you bring your things to us, we will decide together which items are suitable for sale. You then conclude a commission contract with us and we will contact you within five working days to inform you of the possible sales prices we have determined. We orientate ourselves on the condition and age of the item as well as on the usual sales prices on the common online portals. The items are only put on sale if you agree to the suggested sales prices.

sales commission

We receive a sales commission for the sale of your goods, which is calculated according to the following key:

Sales Proceeds Commission
up to 1000,- € 50%
up to 2000,- € 40%
up to 3000,- € 30%
up to 5000,- € 20%
from 5000,- € 15%

duration of the sale

In principle, we keep your goods in our sales area or in our online shop for three months at the sales price agreed with us.
We will then inform you about your unsold items and ask you to either pick them up or instruct us to return them by parcel or courier for a fee. Alternatively, you have the option of putting your unsold items on sale. Please note that we can then reduce your goods by up to 50% of the originally agreed minimum sales price and your proceeds will be reduced accordingly.
Luxury items such as handbags from Hermès, Chanel etc. are excluded from such price reductions. If your items do not sell in the sale and you still do not want to take them back, we will be happy to donate them to appropriate charitable causes after consultation with you. You are welcome to offer classics and non-seasonal items with us for a longer period of time.