Off-White Second Hand


Architecture graduate, DJ, designer and creative director Virgil Abloh launched his luxury streetwear label Off-White in 2013. Although the brand is relatively young, Off-White are advancing T-Shirts, bags, sweaters, shoes and Belt  to absolute key pieces within a very short time. Off-white styles stand for an authentic urban street culture that is very much inspired by the 90s, hip hop culture and the sport of basketball. Cool embossed logos, prints, graffiti elements and semi-transparent designs become trademarks. Embossing and a distinctive outsole leave off-white Sneaker become real eye-catchers. Abloh is known for mixing quality materials and turning them into a distinctive Industrial-Style to unite. Off-White alternates between modern and retro elements. Casual off-white hoodies & Co. are combined with noble materials - this contrast in particular becomes the typical DNA of the designer brand.