The Latte Look

The latte look is not just a fashion trend, but also an attitude. At a time when days are getting shorter and temperatures are getting cooler, this style reminds us to appreciate the little joys of fall. A walk through autumnal forests, the crackling of a fireplace and enjoying a hot latte macchiato in a cozy café corner are moments that put a smile on our faces. Choosing preloved accessories in a latte look reminds us to celebrate these joys and enjoy autumn to the fullest.

The style of the latte look is characterized by cozy materials and comfortable, casual clothing in tones such as cappuccino, mocha, chocolate, hazelnut brown and caramel . It's not just about the choice of color, but also about the textures, the layering techniques and especially the right accessories. A loose second hand knitted sweater can be worn over a simple T-shirt and combined with trousers it becomes a solid look. But only with boots in one of the latte tones can we take the ensemble to a completely new level.

BUT, AS ALWAYS: Only the right second hand & vintage accessories add that certain something to your outfits.

Choose wisely!

This style encourages women to present themselves with confidence and elegance while enjoying the romance of fall .

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