Autumn allure

Let yourself be enchanted by the most beautiful second hand autumn outfits and fashion trends for 2023.

Autumn Allure

Unleash your inner style Icon this case

Autumn is not only a season of change in nature, but also a time to showcase our inner confidence , optimism, courage and strength. Fall fashion provides the perfect canvas to express all of these qualities.

This fall, we encourage you to unleash your inner style icon. Confidence, departure, courage and strength are the keywords that should define your fall fashion & you. Use this time of year to celebrate your personal style and conquer the world with your irresistible autumn charm.

Confidence is the key to elegance . When you wrap yourself up in your fall wardrobe, let your confidence shine. Wear that wonderful second hand coat you've always dreamed of or boldly combine patterns and textures. Fall fashion encourages you to stand out from the crowd and create your own style. Believe in yourself!

Autumn is also the time of departure. It is a time when we can break away from old habits and embark on new paths. Your wardrobe should reflect this feeling. Maybe it's time to clear out some clothes you no longer wear and make room for fresh styles. Rely on our preloved fashion trends 2023 , which will challenge you and encourage you to think outside the box. Fall is the perfect season for new beginnings in your wardrobe!

It's time to unleash your inner style icon and make this fall your personal fashion moment!


Fashion trends 2023

Workwear wardrobe

We show you the most beautiful business outfits : chic, stylish and feminine looks for your day in the office. #femaleempowerment

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Power dressing

Well-known second-hand classics are now being reinterpreted and are once again the focus of our autumn outfits and winter looks.

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Let's rebel!

Rivets, buttons and decorations give your simple, unconventional autumn looks an extremely exciting update with punk energy !

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Good mood booster

We are relying on these colorful jackets & Co. in autumn 2023. Our Dopamine Dressing is not a fashion quickie, but has a lasting effect.

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All Black Everything

Black is always the focus of the fashion world. Take your style to the next level with these second hand treasures.

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Layering made easy!

These are your must-haves for the perfect layering look in fall 2023 by layering with style & system. #layerupwithconfidence

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