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The good news first: In the meantime, more and more “fashionistas” dare to buy used designer clothing. The prejudices that second-hand was afflicted with for a long time have not completely vanished into thin air and of course there are still consumers who fundamentally refuse to buy clothing that has already been worn. Overall, however, the market is booming, which is partly due to the significantly increased awareness of ecological sustainability.

Another reason for the pleasant "change of heart" around the topic of Second-Hand is that the goods are now often presented as high-quality and noble as in the designer boutiques of Gucci, Celine, Saint Laurent and Co. In many second-hand shops You have to look three times in hand stores before you realize that the goods are so-called pre-loved fashion.

But one idea persists - namely that vintage / second hand / pre-loved fashion always has to be extremely cheap. Of course, the appeal and sense of second-hand shopping is that you (in the vast majority of cases) do not have to pay the new price of the goods, even if they may be completely unworn. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you automatically get the coveted designer parts at a bargain price.

In principle, we only sell goods that meet our high standards and whose quality and design justify a reasonable price. Many of our items of clothing and bags are real classics and almost retain their value. With us you will often find unworn treasures from current collections, some of which are sold out worldwide and which we sell at a high discount. Nevertheless, a shearling coat from Tom Ford, a cashmere jacket from The Row or a bag from Chanel still has a proud price.

"Transparency creates trust."

We subject every bag and every item of clothing to a careful quality control. The alpha and omega is that Authenticity of the goods to be able to guarantee. Our employees are trained to pay attention to the essential features that distinguish an original from a copy. If we have doubts about the authenticity of the goods, we will not accept them and will not offer them for sale.

Various factors play a role in determining our sales prices:

  1. Condition and quality of the goods
  2. Determination of the year of manufacture and the new price
  3. Exclusivity and desirability of the article
  4. Detailed comparative research on the common platforms

The fourth point in particular plays a central role for us. You can rest assured that we will not call up any fancy prices or that we will generally add 20% to all items from Hermès or Chanel. If you find an item particularly expensive or a price too high, you can contact us at any time. We would be happy to explain how our pricing came about and, if in doubt, we will also grant you a reasonable discount.

It is important to us that you feel good when you shop with us. Nothing would be further for us than to run a business with overpriced goods, because only satisfied customers come back and thus ensure that second-hand fashion will be on a par with first-hand fashion in the future. Our claim to offer well-preserved and perfectly cared-for fashion pieces the stage they deserve is just as much an incentive as we do to contribute to a sustainable shopping experience.

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